Product Selection

The charts below are generic solutions for those individuals that are incontinent.  The incontinent examples range from very light to heavy.  For some people, their day time needs can differ from their night time needs. 



For those who may be  very light to light incontinent, simpler solutions would be recommended such as a pad or liner.  These are designed to wear as inserts into regular underwear.

 For people that are light to mild incontinent a disposable garment might be an option and can often serve as a precautionary measure.  These undergarment options can include a pull up (which is put on in the same manner as regular underwear), to a brief (which functions like an adult diaper), to a belted garment (which appears to be a large pad or liner with fastening straps at the waist).

When a person reaches the moderate stage of incontinence a combination of products can be used.  One of the most common is a flow through pad or liner that is inserted into a disposable garment.  For minor voids, the pad or liner can be replaced without the cost or hassle of removing the undergarment.   This can be an excellent approach to simplicity and saving time.

Once a person reaches a heavy stage of incontinence or any time someone is bowel incontinent a combination of products is almost always required.  At this stage, a Tranquility Booster Pad  is highly recommended.  As an additional precaution, and underpad becomes optional.  During the day, an underpad can be used on any sitting surface including a recliner, couch, car seat or wheel chair.  At night, this can be placed in the bed.

What's Next?


Once you have determined if an under garment is needed, you might need to pick between a Pull Up or Brief.  If you are already familiar with these products, you can review our Product Sizing guidelines or take advantage of our Free Sample program.