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 Surgery (for both males or females), childbirth for women, medical conditions which are congenital (at birth) or acquired (usually with age or the living of life) can cause of the symptoms of incontinence.

Medicaid and Medicare

 Indiana Medicaid does pay for incontinent supplies for qualifying members.  DKC provides services for a portion of those qualifying members that are part of the current Hoosier Healthwise Program and that were formally with the Health Indiana Plan (HIP).  DKC does support the Qualifying Members under one of the following Managed Care Entities (MCE's):



Medicare does not currently cover incontinence supplies. 

Private Pay


Many of our customers are Self Pay or Private Pay.  We delivery directly to your home which can be a residential home, an apartment, independent living or assisted living community. 



Group Homes


We take great pride in the products, services and support that we offer to our Group Home.  These organizations provide a wonderful, supportive, caring and important service to their members, their families and our communities.  


Click on the Group Home link for additional information regarding the support and services provided by DKC.