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Indiana Medicaid - Including Hoosier Healthwise & HIP Workers

Indiana Medicaid benefits are managed by the Indiana Department of Family & Social Services Administration (FSSA).  

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Hoosier Healthwise Requirements include:

  • Valid Medicaid enrollment under Hoosier Healthwise 
  • Child must be at least 3 years and 1 day old
  • Prescription from child's physician stating the medical need (ICD9 Code) for diapers / incontinent products


Today, DKC does not provide services to Medicaid Members that are part of:

  • Traditional
  • Care Select
  • Waiver
  • M. E. D. Works

Details regarding the Department of FSSA can be found by clicking the logo above. 

DKC In-Home Healthcare Supply Co. is an Indiana Hoosier Healthwise Provider and can also provide services to members of the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).  Our products and services are provided under the direction of the Medicaid Member's Managed Care Entity (MCE). 


Details regarding MCE's can be found on our Managed Care Page.  

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