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Are any of these true?

Have your incontinece needs exceeded your current product's ability to perform?  Is the shopping for and transport of bulky incontinence products a hassle?  Have you exhaust your retail options for high performing products?  Is the incontinence management problem causing an emotional drain? 

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Regain your confidence, independence and save time.  DKC offers a wide-range of high performing products to address capacity needs.  Ordering is simple and our packaging is discreet.  


We deliver to most of Central Indiana for a flat rate of $12 per order.  We ship all over the US. 


Additionally, you can talk with us directly to discuss specific issues related to mobility, financial concerns, delivery and life-style issues.


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Incontinence In The OPEN


Incontinence is, needlessly, a very sensitive and embarrassing topic.  Did you know that Incontinence is the second leading cause for placement of individuals into long-term care communities-surpassed only by cognitive impairment.


Fortunately, as more and more people become educated in this subject and learn about the up-to-date treatment and lifestyle options, negative feelings can change to positive ones of hope and encouragement.


Remember, incontinence is often curable and always manageable.