April 2011 - YouTube


Yes, we are even on YouTube!  This will look more like a "Home Movie" than a professional advertisement.  Mostly because it is a "Home Movie".  You can see John doing a demonstration of two products side-by-side.

January 2011 - Community Living


We like to take this time to thank all of our COMMUNITIES for putting your Trust in us this past year. We pride ourselves in providing the best service and top of the line quality products for your residents. We are looking forward to giving the same quality of service and fine products that your residents have enjoyed this past year. Thanks

Many communities have thoughtfully delighted their residents by offering our educational Wellness Clinic Presentation that discretely address the needs of those that are incontinent. The clinic includes a 30 minute presentation that will enlighten the audience on what incontinence is and which products will best manage it. There is a Q&A session after the presentation as well as giving out free samples for those that are interested. We leave it up to the individual to contact us if he or she would like to use our products and services

Please call or e-mail me your date. Times available for Presentations are M-F 10am until 3pm.


January 2011 - Healthcare Providers

Hoosier Healthwise and the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)


DKC provides services for a portion of Indiana Medicaid Members that are part of the current Hoosier Healthwise Program and that were formally with the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).  DKC does support the Qualifying Members under one of the following Managed Care Entities (MCE's):

  • Anthem
  • MD Wise
  • MHS of Indiana


DKC provides FREE Samples upon referral or request.


DKC offers a monthly management supply service for anyone interested,


November 2010 - Care Providers



For women, the risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) is highest after menopause.  About 20% of women over 65, will contract a UTI.

If an individual develops a UTI, that person is 7 times more likely to have another UTI within the next 12 months.  If they develop a second or third UTI, that person is 18 times as likely to have another UTI within the next 12 months. 


Older adults who are immobilized, catheterized or dehydrated are at increased risk for UTIs.  Nursing Home residents, individuals that are incontinent and / or individuals that are disabled are at very high risk for developing a UTI. 


Up to 40% of elderly patients, in Nursing Homes, will contract a Urinary Tract Infection. 


Source: university of Maryland medical school as reviewed by Harvey Simon, MD, associate professor of medicine, Harvard medical school.

October 2010 - Healthcare Providers

Information Requirements for Assisting

Hoosier Healthwise and the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)

Medicaid Members



1) Prescription from healthcare provider (physician, physician assistant., nurse practitioner)

2) Medicaid number

3) ICD9 codes need to be on the prescription

4) Simply write on prescription "provide incontinence products"

5) Legal guardian information i.e.: Mom or Dads names and phone number

6) Fax Prescription to 317.924.3171

7) DKC will manage the patient after the fax / email is received

8) Not require but you can use the attached fax sheet.

9) Please call if you need additional information 317.924.2464 x104